Get Involved with the South Platte River Watershed Study

The Laramie County Conservation District is sponsoring the South Platte River Watershed Study, which is being funded through the Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC).  Dahlgren Consulting, Inc. from Cheyenne has been hired to conduct this study.  The South Platte River Watershed includes Crow Creek, Lodgepole Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Dale Creek (located in Albany County) and their tributaries. Refer to the map below showing the South Platte Basin

.Watershed Area Map

As part of the study, a characterization and inventory of the watershed will be completed.  Also, the Dahlgren Consulting team will be meeting with landowners and asking if they have ideas for small water projects that would improve the conditions and function of the watershed.  With the landowners’ permission and assistance, we will conduct site visits to evaluate conditions at the site of a potential project and collect information necessary to complete preliminary designs and develop cost estimates for these projects.  Typical small water projects include:

·        Stock Ponds

·        Spring Developments

·        Solar Platforms

·        Irrigation projects


·        Wells

·        Wetlands

·        Environmental projects that provide for stream bank stability, erosion protection, or water quality improvements

Funding for these types of projects is available through the WWDC and other entities.  The Laramie County Conservation District will ultimately be in charge of applying to the WWDC for funding and recommending that a specific project move forward.

In addition to the small water projects described above, other potentially larger projects that could benefit the South Platte River Watershed will be considered.