About the Study Team

The Dahlgren Consulting team is pleased to work with the Laramie County Conservation District, the Wyoming Water Development Commission and the residents of the South Platte River Watershed on the South Platte River Watershed Study.

Dahlgren Consulting, Inc. of Cheyenne, WY is the prime consultant on this project.  Our project team members include:

WWC Engineering,

Ayres Associates,

InfoMaption, Inc,

Neirbo Hydrogeology,

McGrane Water Engineering, LLC and

EcoSystems Management, Inc.

Each of these firms provide important skills and expertise, have direct knowledge of the area, and have experience with similar types of projects.  The owners and principals of the firms and key experienced professionals will be directly working on this project.  This level of experience will ensure efficient use of project funds and will allow us to develop creative solutions that are feasible and effective.

The South Platte River Watershed Study (SPRWS) is an interesting and exciting project.  This Study is important to the Dahlgren Consulting team, because we live in the watershed.  Some of the strengths of our team are highlighted below:

  • We have been working in this area and have been citizens of it for most of our professional careers. We have first-hand experience and knowledge about the South Platte River Watershed.
  • We have expertise with local issues, local conditions, and understand the local background. We know the back story and understand the nuances of the Watershed in a way that only a local can.
  • The Laramie County Conservation District (LCCD) and the landowners are our neighbors and we are committed to providing an inventory of the Watershed, preparing recommendations, and developing potential projects that will be beneficial for years. It will be useful to have local institutional knowledge about this Study and the recommendations in it.  We can meet with local residents, answer questions, and follow-up with the recommendations in the Study.  We are only a local phone call away and can quickly and easily be at any location within the Watershed.